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The Merlin Prophecy is the first volume of Avalon High: Coronation, a graphic novel sequel to Avalon High. It was written by Meg Cabot and illustrated by Jinky Coronado. The book was followed by the second volume, Homecoming, in June 2008.


"For Benjamin"


Many, many thanks to Jinky Coronado, Laura Langlie, Amanda Maciel, Julie Taylor, and the entire team at TokyoPop."


"Meg Cabot's magical Arthurian epic continues...MANGA STYLE!
Being a new student at Avalon High has been exciting for Ellie, to say the least—she's an honor student, a star on the track team, and oh, yeah, dating the super-hot class president, Will. Who also happens to be alleged reincarnation of King Arthur.
Ellie couldn't be happier to have Will in her life, but she's also worried that his estrangement from his parents is tearing him apart. To make matters worse, Will's doubt that he really is King Arthur could prevent the Merlin Prophecy—an age of enlightenment—from occurring. Can Ellie convince Will to believe in something that even she isn't sure about? And more importantly, can she get him to give his parents another chance?
With all the mythology and mysticism of Avalon High, Meg Cabot's very first manga is indeed a tale for the ages.

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