The Mediator
The mediator series
Series information
Novels Shadowland
Ninth Key
Darkest Hour
Companion novels
Author Meg Cabot
Alternate titles
Publisher Simon & Schuster (1-4)
Harper Collins (5-6; 1-4 reprint)
Published from

The Mediator is a series of six books written by Meg Cabot first published by Simon and Schuster, and later Harper Collins. The series centers around sixteen-year-old mediator, Susannah "Suze" Simon. Her role as a mediator is to help ghosts finish their business on earth so they can pass on to the afterlife. Susannah's widowed mother marries Andy Ackerman, when she has moved to Carmel, California, to live in an old house with three new stepbrothers. Not to mention that her bedroom is haunted by an attractive male ghost named Jesse de Silva, who died 150 years earlier.

The first four books of the series were originally released under Meg Cabot's pseudonym Jenny Carroll (this was when Cabot was working with different publishing houses), like the 1-800-Where-R-You series. Haunted was the first title to be released under her real name. The first four books were later reprinted under Cabot's real name in 2005 with new cover art. Twilight is the last book in the series so far. Originally Meg had intended the series to be eight books instead of six, however Meg has stated that she has a plot for an epilogue or sequel when she has time.

The Mediator series rights have been sold to producer Julia Pistor, and may be made into a movie in the near future. Meg Cabot has confirmed that she plans to write a seventh novel of The Mediator.[1]




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