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Teen Idol is a stand-alone novel. It was written by Meg Cabot and was her first stand-alone young adult novel in a contemporary setting. The book was first published by Harper Collins in August 2004. It was reissued the following year with a new cover.

Jenny Greenley, the novel's heroine, is the confidante of her school. She is given the responsibility of watching out for Luke Striker, a popular actor going incognito for research.


"To Benjamin"


"Many thanks to all of those who helped in the creation of this book, including Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Bill Contardi, Michele Jaffe, Laura Langlie, and Abigail McAden, and the faculty and students of Bloomington High School South, circa 1981-1985, on whom the author swears none of the characters in this book are based."

Book description

"High school junior Jenny Greenley is so good at keeping secrets that she's the school newspaper's anonymous advice columnist. She's so good at it that, when hotter-than-hot Hollywood star Luke Striker comes to her small town to research a role, Jenny is the one in charge of keeping his identity under wraps. But Luke doesn't make it easy, and soon everyone—the town, the paparazzi, and the tabloids alike—knows his secret...and Jenny is caught right in the middle of all the chaos."



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