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Template:Infobox book/Series Holiday Princess, known in the UK as Princess Diaries Guide to Christmas, is a companion book of The Princess Diaries. It was illustrated by Chesley McLaren and written by Meg Cabot.


This book is for holiday princesses (and princes) everywhere


A royal thank-you to all who contributed to this book: Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Barb Cabot, Michele Jaffe, Laura Langalie, Abby McAden, Chesley McLaren, and especially royal consort Benjamin Egnatz. —M.C.

Many thanks to Alison Donalty, Barbara Fitzsimmons, Sasha Illingworth, Abby McAden, and Meg Cabot for sharing the holiday princess spirit. —C.M.


"A princess always knows how to celebrate the holidays. There's Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Chinese New Year, Saturnalia ... to name just a few.

Then there's gift giving, the royal Genovian Fabergé advent calendar, hot chocolate with marshmallows—oh, and all those fabulous holiday movies.

How will YOU celebrate this holiday season? Mia and her subjects have a few ideas."[1]


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