Brittany and Haley Trent are the twin nieces of John Trent, the daughters of Jason Trent and Stacy Trent, the older sisters of John Trent Jr. aka "Little John" and the great-granddaughters of Genevieve Randolph Trent. They are mentioned to like Barbie and Spongebob.

Brittany and Haley Trent
Gender Female
Residence New York City, New York
Education Public School
Occupation Students

Family Stacy Trent (mother)
Jason Trent (father)
John Trent (paternal uncle)
Mitch Hertzog (maternal uncle)
Stuart Hertzog (maternal uncle)
Janice Hertzog (maternal aunt)
Amy Jenkins (maternal aunt, by marriage, via Stuart)
Kate Mackenzie (maternal aunt, by marriage, via Mitch)
Melissa Fuller (paternal aunt, by marriage, via Mitch)
John Trent Jr. (brother)
Margaret Hertzog (maternal grandmother)
Arthur Hertzog (maternal grandfather)
Genevieve Randolph Trent (paternal great-grandmother)
Mr. Trent (paternal great-grandfather)
John and Jason's parents (paternal grandparents)
Genevieve's children (paternal great-aunts and uncles)
Unborn Cousin (via Melissa)
Two Unnamed Cousins (via Amy and Stuart)
Appears in The Boy Next Door