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Avalon High is a young adult novel written by Meg Cabot. It was first released in December 2005 by HarperCollins. The novel was followed by a three-volume manga series, titled Avalon High: Coronation.


"For the two Barbara Cabots, Bad Mommy and Aunt Babs"


"Many thanks to Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Barbara M. Cabot, Michele Jaffe, Laura Langlie, Abigail McAden, and especially Benjamin Egnatz."


"She knows not what the curse may be,
And so she weaveth steadily,
And little other care has she,
The Lady of Shalott.
—Alfred Lord Tennyson

Book description

"Avalon High seems like a typical high school, attended by typical students: There’s Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. And Will, senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy.
But not everybody at Avalon High is who they appear to be…not even, as new student Ellie is about to discover, herself. What part does she play in the drama that is unfolding? What if the bizarre chain of events and coincidences she has pieced together means—as with the court of King Arthur—tragedy is fast approaching Avalon High?
Worst of all, what if there’s nothing she can do about it?"

"Avalon High, I was starting to think, might not be so bad after all.
Maybe it's not where Ellie wants to be, but if you have to start at a new school, Avalon High is typical enough: There's Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. And Will, senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy.
But not everyone at Avalon High is who they appear to be...not even, as Ellie is about to discover, herself. As a bizarre drama begins to unfold, Ellie has to wonder, what part does she play in all of this? Do the coincidences she's piecing together really mean—as in King Arthur's court—that tragedy is fast approaching for her new friends?
Ellie doesn't know if she can do anything to stop the coming trouble. But somehow, she knows she has to try.

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  • Ellie Harrison


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Film adaptation

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Avalon High was adapted into a Disney Channel Original Movie starring Britt Robertson and Gregg Sulkin. It premiered on November 12, 2010 with an average 3.8 million viewers.[2] The film had a number of differences to the source material, including changing Ellie's name to Allie.[3][4]


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