Book information
Author Meg Cabot
Alternate titles
Publisher Point
Publication date April 26, 2011
Pages 304 (hardcover)
ISBN 9780545284103
Series information
Series Abandon
Book in series 1
Preceded by
Followed by Underworld

Abandon is the first novel is the Abandon trilogy and was first released on April 26, 2011.




"Seventeen-year-old Pierce knows what happens to us when we die.

That's how she met John Hayden, the mysterious stranger who's made returning to normal life—or at least life as Pierce knew it before the accident—next to impossible.

Though she thought she escaped him—starting a new school in a whole new place—it turns out she was wrong. He finds her.

What does John want from her? Pierce thinks she knows... just like she knows he's no guardian angel, and his dark world isn't exactly heaven. But she can't stay away from him, either, especially since he's always there when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most.

But if she lets herself fall any further, she might find herself back in the place she fears the most.

And when Pierce discovers the shocking truth, that’s exactly where John sweeps her:

The Underworld."[1]



John is the cool mysterious dude who only wears black, has a fierce temper - and is always following Pierce, much to her dismay. 

John is, at times, violent, overbearing and just plain terrifying. He stalks cemeteries, he breaks teachers' hands, he tries to kill shopkeepers. But if you look closer, like Pierce does, you will see a kind, loyal boy who will do anything to protect his loved ones. He is also seen to be romantic, as Pierce notes that most of the books he enjoys reading are about love poems. John sees himself as a bad person trying to be good. He is also a good leader, due to the fact he is Lord of the Underworld. John is not afraid to kill people to protect his loved ones. 



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